Now in its fourth year, Hack Cambridge is the University of Cambridge’s annual student-run hackathon. From the 19th–20th of January 2019, we will again bring together outstanding hackers, programmers, designers and more from universities all over the world to build amazing software.


In order to be eligible for Hack Cambridge 4D, you must be over 18 years old, and a student at any school or university. You are also eligible if you were still a student after the 19th of January 2018.

Teams can include up to 4 people.

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£4,090 in prizes

Avast: Integrate the Avast Secure Browser and CCleaner products to improve user privacy, prevent website tracking & reduce browsing footprints

Companies that rely heavily on advertising revenue are aggressively tracking and commercialising you while you’re browsing, searching, and shopping online. Is it really OK for these companies, and in some cases governments, to know everything about you, while you know nothing about them? We think you should be able to control what you want to share and when. Your privacy is our priority! Here’s the question we’re asking: How can we use the awesome cleaning power of our CCleaner product line to enhance user privacy online within the Avast Secure Browser? For our challenge, you’ll explore the full possibilities of what can be done with with an integration between these two hugely popular products. We’ll give you access to custom builds of our CCleaner and Avast Secure Browser applications, so you can: Create an integration between CCleaner and Avast Secure Browser to clean user browsing data and report the results within CCleaner Build a CCleaner browser extension to clean Avast Secure Browser in real time, making use of custom browser APIs Explore new and innovative ways to improve user privacy online through cleaning, including making of use of other available browser features Just remember: reaching simple, elegant solutions can often help solve the most technical and complex challenges. We’ll judge competing teams based on teamwork, quality of the end solution, and creativity. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
We are excited to be offering four Oculus Go Standalone VR headsets for the winning team!

Monzo: Receipts API Prize

For Hack Cambridge Monzo is exposing an API to allow you to send us receipt information for your transactions. This information will be displayed in the app in the details screen for that transaction. The challenge is to figure out a way of automatically getting useful receipts into Monzo! Some ideas: 1. Parse email receipts for purchases 2. Use OCR on images of paper receipts 3. Use an api of another company - Uber, Deliveroo, TFL? Talk to the Monzo mentors for help getting started!

Prize: x4 lego goodies

Azure: Champ Prize

Any team that chooses to enter will evaluated on the following criteria: Judging criteria: 1. Was the project developed using Microsoft Azure? (required for entry) 2. Does the project address a clear need, problem, or opportunity and is the solution clearly explained? (10 points) 3. Does the project include innovations in technical design and/or implementation of services (e.g., Cognitive Services, Bot Services, IoT Hub, Functions) and/or user experience? (20 points) 4. Does the project have a clear target market or audience? (5 points) 5. Is the project’s purpose and basic functionality easily understood? (5 points) 6. Does the project have a professional degree of production in terms of performance, user interface, visuals, and audio? (10 points) Winner is highest total score out of 50. Tie-break: Does the team have a credible plan for getting their project to market in terms of business model, any required partnerships, or other factors?

Prize: Automatic entry in Imagine Cup 2019 Semi-Finals and two chances to become one of the few elite teams at our regional finals, plus Xbox One Xs for each team member!

ARM: Best Hardware Hack Prize

The best hack involving something other than your laptop or modile phone. This could be a smart light bulb, a fitness tracker, a micro-controller, a raspberry pi or an eeg headset.

Prize: Raspberry Pi Zero Kit and £50 Amazon Voucher

TransferWise: Best Hack

Details for the hack can be found here:

Prize: Trip to our Tallinn office and interview for paid internship this summer

TPP: Medical Record Integration

TPP are excited to announce a competition for the Cambridge Hackathon. At TPP, we are revolutionising patient healthcare, both within the NHS and across the world. To do this, our Software Developers are always looking at improvements to our system and working on new ways to give patients more control over their own care. This year we want to give you a chance to test your skills by creating your own revolutionary design for the healthcare industry. TPP will be providing access to dummy patient data from SystmOne, one of the UK’s largest digital healthcare systems. You will be able to integrate with SystmOne, retrieving patient data and booking appointments. Access will be available to demographic data, appointment information, drug history, allergies and medical sensitivities. You will have free range to use this data, perhaps to develop an app or piece of software that could be used to improve patient care. You could create a revolutionary new appointment booking system or a personal healthcare application- the possibilities are endless.

Prize: Raspberry Pi Starter Kit with 7 inch touch screen

Improbable: Best Probabilistic Game AI

Improbable are awarding a prize to the team that comes up with the best adversary for a game developed with probabilistic techniques. Your game can be anything: “Guess Who”, “Mastermind”, Poker, “Battleship” or even a game you invent. Improbable will be giving a workshop on our Probabilistic Programming Language 'Keanu', and our engineers will be on hand to help you hit the ground running should you choose to use Keanu.

Prize: Sega Megadrive Game Console w/games

MLH: Best use of Google Cloud Platform

Use Google Cloud Platform in your hack. Find a full list of GCP products & services at Each winning team member will receive a Google Home Mini, max 4 per team.

MLH: Best IoT Hack using a Qualcomm Device

Use a Qualcomm device, like the Dragonboard 410C, in your IoT project. Each winning team member will receive their own DragonBoard 410C.

MLH: Snap Kit Challenge

Use Snap Kit in your hack. Each winning team member will receive a Casio calculator watch.

Hack Cambridge First Prize

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Enabled Droid by Sphero

Hack Cambridge Second Prize

Google Home Mini Hands-Free Smart Speaker

Hack Cambridge Third Prize

HASAKEE H1 FPV RC Drone with HD Live Video Wifi Camera and Headless Mode 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro Quadcopter with Altitude Hold and One-Button Take off/Land

Hack Cambridge People's Choice Prize

Lfoward® New Secret Hitler Board Game Card Game-Looking Hidden Roles Game The World's Ever Seen for Party

Amazon: Life is better with Alexa (3)

Think Big and leverage Alexa to improve daily life. Get inspired from your personal experience or the experience of your family, friends or society and build an Alexa Skill that can improve a situation or mitigate challenges that are faced by someone you know in daily life

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Jack Kleeman

Jack Kleeman

Justin Garrett

Justin Garrett

Robert Mullins

Robert Mullins
Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge

Jonathan Beddoes

Jonathan Beddoes

Charlie Crisp

Charlie Crisp

Judging Criteria

  • Novelty
  • Technical difficulty
  • Polish

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